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Either you are now in the midst of short listing a number of different email hosting solutions for your company, or you may have already limited down your options to just one. On the other hand, this might be the moment when you discover that the service providers you have narrowed down have, on the whole, maintained a positive relationship with their customers by reading the evaluations they have received. While it is vital to do this before or simply during the purchase of the email hosting, it is also important to do this since it may help you understand which service provider may be the best option for you when it comes to email hosting.   

A reputable business email hosting company will offer you with complete information regarding their services and will be upfront regarding the pricing, support, and any other details that are involved. The most effective one, on the other hand, can assist you in comprehending the problems that may potentially arise following the buy. Within the scope of this post, we will be covering a few of them that are likely to be a significant obstacle. We will also be discussing a strategy to circumvent it in order to address it in the event that it occurs. So, if you are interested in learning more, please continue reading.   

  1. Unable to send or receive emails in either direction  

It is possible that a user will be unable to send or receive emails for a variety of reasons, including the following but not limited to:  

The user’s connection to the internet may have been severed, since this is a possibility. To begin, it is necessary to check whether or not the internet connection is functioning properly.  

It is important to verify that the email settings are correct if you are able to connect to the internet. To modify the settings of your account, select “Account Settings” from the “File” menu and then go to step two. When you click on the email address, you will be directed to the settings page. It’s possible that every service provider will have a different response.  

“” should be used as the host name for both receiving and sending mail, and the mail server should be configured in such a way that does this. Depending on the email service provider that you select, the port numbers for incoming email will be handled differently. It is recommended that the receiving port number for communication with Google be either 995 (for POP3) or 993 (for IMAP users). In order to ensure security, the port number for TLS should be 587, whereas the port number for SSL should be 465. To determine whether or not the authentication for the outgoing server is active, check the settings. If the issue continues to emerge, you should erase your account and begin the process all over again.  

  1. In spite of the fact that you were unable to send emails, you were still able to receive them

There are several circumstances in which this may occur, but there is a method to avoid it. After going through these stages, you will be able to find out how to solve the problem.  

For the purpose of locating the outbound port number, navigate to the ‘Advanced settings’ section of the email account. Should it be at all feasible, the response should be either 587 or 465. In the event that the issue has not been resolved previously, you should access the settings for the outgoing SMTP server and check to see that the outgoing mail server and the outgoing port number are configured in the manner that was stated earlier. (It is essential to keep in mind that you are required to activate the security factor inside the advanced settings.)  

  1. You are unable to receive emails, but you are able to send them

You might find the methods below helpful.  

It is recommended that the individual make an effort to communicate with them through their email account. Determine the cause of the problem if you receive a notification informing you that your email has been sent back to you. It’s possible that this is happening because the CD is already completely filled. The problem might be solved by deleting some of the emails that you do not require, which is one of the potential solutions.  

The first step in deleting an email is for the recipient to log in to their webmail account. After that, they must remove any undesirable mails that are currently in their inbox. In addition to ensuring that the file is no longer present on the device, it checks to see whether it has been removed. It can free up space on the hard disc, allowing you to access the emails that you have been waiting for at this moment.  

In the event that you are still unable to receive emails, as was said earlier, you should verify the configurations of the email server that is receiving them.  

  1. There have been instances where some emails have been misplaced

There might be more than one explanation for why some words are located in the incorrect location. Listed below are some potential solutions to the error.  

It is possible to check whether or not the SMS have been sent by entering into the online account. Should it have previously received them, it is possible that the email tool is not functioning properly. You should check to see if there are any issues with the forwarding, and you should also search through any other files to ensure that the emails have not been relocated.  

In the event that the emails are not located on the webmail, you should inquire with the sender about whether or not they have received any bounce-back messages. It is possible that the sender is experiencing difficulties with their computer at this moment. In this particular scenario, it is the responsibility of the individual who submitted the message to resolve the issue on their end.  

  1. The disc quota was corrupted, and there was an error

Simply following these instructions will allow you to resolve any disc quota issues that may arise.  

When an individual registers for an email account, the email server provides them with a predetermined amount of space in which they may keep their individual messages. An example of this would be the fact that a free or basic Gmail account typically provides you with 15 GB of storage space. You may check out the many storage options available to you by going to the Settings menu. It is going to be displayed how much random-access memory (RAM) the email account has used up.   

There is a possibility of a disc quota error occurring when the user has already utilised all of the RAM that is available to them. One of the most efficient things to do is to delete emails that aren’t relevant to the situation at hand. It is imperative that you take the appropriate actions in order to guarantee that all emails have been removed from the internet account before you proceed. Even in the event that this occurs, the emails will continue to be stored on the computer. The customers need to be aware that deleted texts cannot be recovered and are permanently removed from their accounts. In the event that they are unable to erase any emails due to financial constraints, they have the option of using the customer interface to purchase additional disc space.  

  1. Continuously receiving numerous copies of emails on a regular basis 

It is not typical for anybody to send the same email more than once. However, the following actions should be done in the event that it does occur. The inbox should be checked to see whether or not it contains any rules that might result in the same email being sent more than once. The regulations that should not have been there in the first place should be thrown away.  

It is important for the individual to ensure that their email account settings are consistent across all of their devices, especially if they have set up their account on more than one device.   

Final Thoughts  

The author of this essay hopes that you have comprehended the content. For any questions or concerns that you might have, kindly share them with us in the comments box that is located below.