Complete Guide to Email Marketing and How to Plan a Campaign? Cheenti

Statistics have shown that out of the total emails sent and received daily, 85% of them land in the spam folders, and around 20.5 billion U.S. dollars per year is lost due to spamming, concluding that domain & email hosting in NZ is a must-have for creating strong customer engagement.

With healthy customer communication and engagement, you not only ensure sales but also get brand loyalty and customer referral, which is an essential factor for any business success.

And the best way to create that effective communication is through emails. Personalized and customized emails have the power to connect and drive your audience. 

In this article, we shall see how businesses can improve their customer engagement with the help of NZ email hosting. 

Ways to Improve Customer Engagement With Email Hosting in NZ

  1. Go for Professional Hosting

You will notice a huge distinction when you carry out your email campaign through a regular mail and email-hosting service. Email hosting not only allows you to get recognized in a crowded inbox but also provides you with security features.

When your audience feels confident about the source of the email, they are more likely to get engaged as they get the feeling of trust, as email hosting makes it secure.

  • Add personalization to your mail 

Personalization is an essential factor as it makes engagement more impactful. Simply put, you ought to reply to those who use your name in the conversation rather than a pronoun. 

Personalization adds a feeling of personal touch to a conversation; therefore, make use of the simplest personalized message that includes your customer’s name to more advanced personalization that features that understand your customer’s buying or browsing history to make relevant recommendations.

  • Influential Subject and body 

Your subject line is the most influential aspect of your email; therefore, it is enough to decide whether your mail will be read or unread. Therefore, be creative with it. 

For instance, if you want your customer to engage with your blog that gives hair fall solutions, then make the Subject touchy, like 10 home remedies for hair fall or Say Are you ready to say No to hair fall and Hi to healthy hair with quick 10 home remedies.

  1. Make use of a call to action 

Your audience needs something to get engaged, and nothing works better than an intelligent call to action, eg-Free, trial or free. 

Always use a solid call-to-action message and ensure it’s a clickable button that takes the reader to the desired website or landing page. 

  • Review, Test, and Analyze

Please ensure you always re-read and review your mail, as no one likes mail with errors, links, or buttons not working, as it showcases unprofessionalism. Email hosting allows you to test emails, so do that. 

Also, make sure your email is aligned properly throughout all devices. Lastly, analyze through reports provided by email hosts in NZ. It will help you frame more powerful and better communication in the future.


The best business email hosting is key to direct communication with your audience. It helps your brand stand out, gain credibility, and build a strong recall value, creating a solid brand identity.