KRT and inspection services

List of Quality Inspection Companies in Thailand: Our Top 8 Picks

Suppose you need the immediate shipment in minimum rates and maximum for import product quality. With our office location across China and Asia, professional inspectors and expert factory auditors present with us. 

Final shipment inspection

In the inspection section, the final shipment inspection for the check-in the quality and the quantity for having the product in the 80-100% ultimately. We can inspect the factory or have less at the freight forwarder in the reseller warehouse.

You can use our service when your budget allows for the single inspection and then main concern for the quality and quantity for your company product quality. To make it more flexible, you can have greater assurance and add in the process inspection. 

In-process inspection 

In the process inspection done for the manufacturing for the reference inspection in any point for the production in the cycle. This is completely done for the parameters in each section for the process, and then they are following having the industry standards in the ISO 9001. In this process, it is performed for the production process to the quality that can be an issue and add quickly and more efficiently for the resolved and in the delays for the shipping schedule that can be avoided. 

For using the service in the quality control issues that can cause the shipment for the delay in the unwanted for the reworking extra cost. The great experience can be considered adding the first article for the inspection in this service.

The first article inspection

In the first article, inspection comes with critical analysis for the first time made for the verification to correct setup or correct process alignment for verifying the product is adequately done or specified configuration for best performance. 

The first unit manufactured should represent all the future units wholly produced for using the service and then having the greater assurance then considering it as adding the in-process inspection for completion of the process. 

The container loading check inspection

In the container, loading checks are performed during the loading process to ensure the correct quantity for the cartons that are loaded. As requested, the results usually come with reported in the back real-time. The process is too easy for the professionals to present with us. The KRT team will complete the things in some hours only.

For using this service, the main concern is to receive the correct number of cartons or the carton that is placed perfectly. This test is not a quality test of the product, so keep this in mind. 

MFG Process supervision

In the manufacturing process, it comes with the supervision for the performance in the production to assure the specific approach that to be followed for avoiding the product in the reworking time/expenses in the later on the process. This service is done when the customer has specific concerns or requirements for the actual manufacturing process used for adding the final shipment inspection for the service in the high suggestion area. 

Defect sorting inspection 

The defect sorting inspection helps to avoid the product reworking for the time or expenses by sorting out from the defectives for the shipment. The defectives are generally removed, and the product carton remains with the best product items only. The service is usually used for the immediate shipment for making the defect-free units or having the large quantity shipments that will utilize factory labour for assisting in the sorting process.