Apa Itu Private Cloud Hosting? Fungsi dan Kelebihannya

Shared web hosting is considered one of the best entry-level web hosting services for its cost-efficiency. When choosing a website hosting provider, you must first assess and weigh your options based on your specific needs.  

This will not only help you get the best Shared Hosting provider fit but also help you find a cost-effective deal for your business. But what are the web hosting features you must be looking for while exploring your modern-day share hosting options? 

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. We will explain the top features you should look out for in modern shared web hosting.

Top Shared Hosting Features

  • Free of Cost SSL Certificate

SSL is a digital certificate issued by the hosting provider that secures the connection between your web server and browser, ensuring that the data exchanged between them is encrypted and confidential.

Many shared hosting providers provide free SSL certificates with their Linux hosting plans. Google also prioritizes safer websites and will often rank them higher. So, it’s definitely a feature worth looking into when choosing a service provider.  

  • First Class Customer Support

A good web hosting provider with robust customer support is essential, especially if you are a first-timer setting up your website.

Technical issues are par for the course when setting up and managing a website, so look for a responsive technical team. You can check reviews and experiences shared by different clients of hosting providers and check the type of support they provide before considering any option.

  • Bandwidth 

Bandwidth is the amount of data transferred between your webpage and your audience within a specific time range, usually measured in gigabytes or terabytes. 

Get a shared hosting provider that ensures unlimited bandwidth as that decides how quickly your webpages serve content to your audience, especially during peak hours.

When scaling your website, it is essential to focus on your bandwidth as it ultimately affects your sales.

  • Supports More than One Web Page

Shared hosting creates a perfect entry-level hosting environment, especially if you are a startup or small business, but if you have a large customer base, then you need a more supportive environment.

However, that doesn’t mean shared hosting plans are limited to just one webpage, as there are many shared hosting plans out there that provide enough space for more than two or more web pages with a decent amount of audience. 

Look for web hosting providers with shared plans that let you host multiple websites.

  • Provides Money Back Offers

A good hosting provider definitely provides a money-back offer. This is when you get to use their services for a limited period, and if it doesn’t serve you well, you get your money back. 

This comes in handy if it’s your first time with a hosting website. Offers like these provide peace of mind as you don’t feel stuck with a hosting provider.

  • Inclusive of Email Hosting service

Professional email is always better as it helps in creating more brand awareness among your customers.

However, when you take professional hosting exclusive of the hosting plan, it can be expensive; therefore, check for shared hosting plans that provide professional email hosting.

  • Free Migration

Migrating your website data without any technical support can be risky as well as daunting; therefore, always look for a hosting provider that helps you with the migration process.

  • Free Domain Name

Find a shared host that provides you with a free domain name with their shared hosting deals, which help you save extra cash for purchasing a professional email address. 


Be uncompromising when searching for these features in your shared hosting plan, as this will help you grab the best deal and create the best shared hosting environment for your web audience.