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Suppose you are a multitalented person who resides in Australia. You created one website to showcase your painting masterpieces; you created a second website to start your home painting service booking online. You also started selling colors for professional painting. 

Now, you can ask yourself, is it easy to manage multiple Domains in Australia

To solve this, the concept of domain map comes into play, simplifying the management of Domain Hosting in Australia

Wondering how? To find the answer, let us explore this article and better understand domain mapping and how it works.

What is Domain Mapping?

Domain mapping simplifies website management by linking multiple domains to your primary domain or content management system (CMS). It means you can register distinct domains for various departments, products, or services while efficiently overseeing them within one WordPress installation, enhancing user navigation. 

For example, you have different sections of your website in which, in one section, you can operate a blog; in another, you are maintaining a portfolio; and in the third one, you are operating an online store. But behind the curtains, you can manage it all from one place. 

How Does Domain Mapping Work?

  • Custom Domain Name Registration

First and foremost, you must register the custom domain name through reliable domain registrars. Ensure that the domain name provider offers you essential security features, easy renewals and more. 

Then choose the relevant domain names such as,, or whatever domains you require. And then register it in your name by making the necessary payment.

  • Choose a Reliable Hosting Provider 

Next, you must choose a reliable hosting service from any hosting provider, CMS (content management system), or website builder like Squarespace. They host your website and provide the default domain and subdomains to host it initially.

  • DNS Settings Configuration

DNS plays a vital role as it translates the domain names into IP addresses, which will be used by computers to find your website. However, to map your custom domain, you have to change the DNS settings by updating the DNS records. You can use CNAME records to map the subdomains.

  • Propagation and Testing 

DNS configuration will take some time, varying from a minute to 2 days, to propagate across the internet. Once it propagates successfully, custom domains are entered into a search engine to ensure they work properly.

  • Map Subsites to Your Custom Domains

If you are using WordPress, you have to link the custom domains by logging in to the WordPress admin panel. Then click on Sites -> Add New to assign. After the subdomain or subdirectory name, enter the subdomain or subdirectory name, then click Edit. Add your custom domain, and save the changes.


It is important to know domain mapping for website owners who own multiple domains and websites. It will provide a unified platform to manage all domains from a single CMS. 

Applying the domain mapping technique will help you to leverage multiple benefits such as consistent branding, easy navigation and changes to all subdomains at once. 

This is why it is essential to understand the concept of domain mapping and its mechanism to ensure a strong online presence with minimal effort.