What To Do When A Diamond Engagement Ring Is Not An Option?

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Most women are into wearing engagement rings when their guy proposes to them, and it has been customary to get an engagement ring with a diamond in it but what if your woman is not into diamonds and does not like the idea of an engagement ring, will you still get her one? Let’s Take a look at what to do when a diamond engagement ring is not an option? And what other stones can be used as an alternative for diamonds? How about yellow diamonds ?

Know more about the facts about fancy yellow diamonds in this article.

What Is An Alternative To An Engagement Ring?

If diamond rings are not for your woman then seeking for something that can interest her will be a good alternative for your proposal. Here are some:

Necklace With a Ring 

There are women who can not wear rings because of their daily job routines. However, if you think a ring is still best for your girl then you can still get her that engagement ring. It should come with a necklace. This way she can still wear it all the time. The good thing about this idea is she can still wear them when she has the chance to. 

Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets come with several charms which can be a representation of something. Instead of a diamond ring you can give your woman a chrome bracelet and make them personalized by putting symbols that can remind her about the best things in your relationships. 


They may be old-fashioned and other people still see the sincerity in them. Lockets are best when your partner is sentimental, she will be very happy to see your pictures on those lockets. You can make your locket as unique as possible since jewelers are now equipped with tools to make each jewelry unique. 

Is It Okay To Not Have A Diamond Engagement Ring?What Is A Good Substitute For A Diamond?

Some woman won’t mind if the gems on their rings are not colorless diamonds and here are some options:

Yellow Diamonds

Colorless diamonds are expensive then why not go for colored ones. Yellow diamonds can be a good alternative to replace colorless diamonds. They are less expensive, but they are still diamonds, and they look pretty on engagement rings. When asked What stone is the closest to a real diamond? Then yellow diamonds can be a good answer.

Synthetic Diamonds

These are made of diamond “stimulants” such as cubic zirconia or similar materials made from moissanite. They ate cheaper than real diamonds but closely resembled them.  


There are several gemstones that can perfectly fit as a center stone for an engagement ring. They come in different colors and designs. You can choose a pattern that can perfectly fit your partner’s preference and still make her happy on the day you propose. Birthstones can also be a perfect offering that can make the event more personal since they will be receiving an engagement ring with their birthstone in it. 

What To Do With A Diamond Ring You’re Not Wearing?

If you have a diamond ring that is not being worn for any reason, make sure to always keep it clean and secured. However, if you don’t have plans of wearing them anymore. You can convert them to jewelry that you are most likely to wear. Pawning them can also be a good idea or reselling them but take note that their values may be cut into half, so better keep them or transform them instead. They might come handy at the right moment. 

What Stone Is Better Than A Diamond?

Diamond is the most popular stones that tops the list of engagement rings. However, are they really the best? Well there are gemstones that are more expensive and rarer than the colorless diamond such as tanzanite or Burma ruby. Diamonds and rare gems are both great options for engagement rings. 

So what to do when a diamond engagement ring is not an option? Then find other options, you can use your imagination and creativity to come up with a piece that your partner will appreciate more than diamond. Sometimes prices are not the ones that always matter but the effort and sincerity place on it.